Haven’t been on here for well over a year as when I tried opening a Word Press Site for my daughter it added her site to mine so had to start from scratch. Since I was on here last it has change so will have to try and work out how to do it all again.

After a very unseasonal autumn we finally have winter so on the first cold misty morning I went for a walk hoping to capture a few photo’s.img_0506hdrimg_9944hdrimg_0505hdrimg_9954raw

well that’s it, will have another go when I get more time to play around on the site.












Second Day Kalbarri.

on our second day in Kalbarri I decided to get up early and travel the 39  kilometres to Natures Window. It started out a good bitumen road then after 20 kilometres turned in a gravel road with some corrugations but not to bad. Disappointed to noticed there wasn’t going to be much of a sunrise as I was hoping for a magnificent sunrise at Natures Window.img_2619.view on the walk to Natures Window from the carpark, about 800 metres.


looking down on the Murchison River.


made it to Natures Window just after sunrise, what there was of it. This natural rock formation frames the view and the river beautifully but in my case not very good light to capture it by.


three exposures blended together to try and capture  the beautiful view.


Then some mind tourist took my photo in the Window after I offered to take theirs for them.


Returning to the carpark and the Murchison River again. The Murchison is the second largest river in Western Australia and is 820 kilometres long. it flows from the south edge of the Robinson Ranges to the Indian Ocean at Kalbarri.


another view of the Murchison River, amazing country

img_2700                      looking into the canyon.


looking back towards the Murchison from the carpark steps.



the road to the Old Murchison Homestead.


The mouth of the Murchison River at Kalbarri.


a few pelicans were on the river near Kalbarri



Rock pools on the Murchison, they are only here at low tide as when the tide is high these rocks are covered in water.


one of the cruise boats which doesn’t go out to sea as it turned around here at the channel unless the ocean was to choppy for it to go out.


there were wildflowers out already even though it was only July.

First day of our trip to Kalbarri.

Went to Kalbarri the other week as we needed a few days away.  Of course I had to take a photo of the famous leaning tree at Greenough. There are lots of them throughout the Greenough Shire mostly on private property but almost all are visible from Brand Highway. This one is the most famous and even has a carpark on the side of the road for people to photograph it. IMG_2392

a pink & grey was having a rest on top of the arch of the tree.


Then we continued onto Geraldton and visited the HMAS Sydney War Memorial.   The Sydney was sank on 19th November 1941 by the German raider Kormoran with the loss of all those on board.

This is the centre piece of the memorial. The cupola is made up of 645 silver seagulls to represent the 645 souls lost on that day in November 1941. The idea of the seagulls was directly inspired by the fact that a group of seagulls swooped over the assembled crowd as the sun set and the Last Post was played during the Dedication of the Memorial site on 19th November 1998.  The seven pillars represent the seven states of Australia.               IMG_2402  I then went down to the Stele which represents the bow of the HMAS Sydney. I managed to get the sun behind it with the rays fanning out from the Stele. It is based on the concept of ancient Standing Stones that mark graves or commemorative sites.

IMG_2406 (2)    I then followed the path to the Waiting Woman who represents all the mother, sisters,  daughters, wives waiting for their menfolk who will never return.


Then following the paving I came to the Pool of Rememberance. The floor of the pool forms a map showing the location of where the Sydney rests 120 nautical miles off Steep Point, W.A.


We then left Geraldton after having a bite to eat and continued on our way towards Kalbarri.


   the scenery as we leave Geraldton and head further north. It was a very sultry day and the clouds were amazing.

We came to The Hutt Lagoon a truly amazing colour, have never seen anything like it but on our return 3 days later the water was just a browny colour with only a slight hint of the pink we saw on this day. It must have to do with the way the sunlight hits it.

IMG_2433      IMG_2429

Then we came into Kalbarri at around 2 pm. and after booking in and unloading the car we went for a drive/walk along Red Bluff.

Sun getting a bit lower in the sky and the clouds are even more yellow.IMG_2457_easyHDR-default looking inland from the cliffs.   IMG_2460


native pigface  or carpobrotus virescens to give it its proper name, which was all along the cliffs.  IMG_2465_easyHDR-neutral

fisherman on his way homeIMG_2467

looking south along the cliffsIMG_2485 out over the Indian Ocean IMG_2513   then I wandered down to the beach just before dinnertime for the sunset.IMG_2524       and was pleasantly surprised as I didn’t think there would be much of a sunset.

IMG_2527_easyHDR (2) IMG_2529

Another couple enjoying the setting sun.IMG_2592 IMG_2595   then back to the motel for a lovely dinner, was pleasantly surprised bythe quality of the food, very good and a reasonable price.

So ended our first day in Kalbarri and my first post on my new wordpress site, so glad I sorted out the muck only a bit upset that I have lost all my old blogs, mainly for my records.